MX-800HD HD UPnP Media Player

High Definition 1080i Digital Multi-Media Player WITH Remote Control – Play Movies, Photo, Music, TV Scheduled Recording, uPnP, SDHC MS Card Reader, USB Host, And HDMI Support

Noah Company MediaGate MG-800HD Network Multimedia Center with Full HD 1080P Wi-Fi and UPNP (Black)

CiragoTV Platinum CMC3000 media player / streamers

A new media streamer box is finding its way to your entertainment rack (via the store shelves, of course). This time is CiragoTV Platinum CMC3000 (a mouthful of titles). Among the features worth mentioning are the full Audio/Video CODEC support, 1080p video playback, UPNP/DLNA client, recording and with timeshift capabilities, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and a [...]