Another media streaming big player is coming: Boxee Box by D-Link

Announced about the same time like its rival, PopBox, Boxee Box has its roots this time purely in software. Developed initially as a PC software client to rival Windows Media Center and capable both of integrating clients for popular web applications and also streaming your media located on your home network, Boxee has evolved and found a hardware partner in D-Link. Figuring out apparently that connecting the PC to the TV (and tinkering with codecs to make it work) will always be a small niche, the industry as a whole is orienting nowadays toward an integrated solution. Western Digital has their streaming boxes, Seagate has theirs, manufactures as LG and Samsung integrated web clients for popular applications as Facebook, Netflix, Weather, etc in their Blu-ray players and connected TVs, but there is a need  for a cheap box to hide behind the TV and use to stream everything available.

Roku is a step in the right direction, but has a big issue: It doesn’t stream anything from the local network and if you already have family pictures, movies, music already stored on some local server, Roku is not a good choice. However, with the arrival of PopBox and Boxee, hopefully this void will start to fill. From Boxe’s website:

It plays almost everything.
The Boxee Box plays any non-DRM media. If you can create it, Boxee will play it.

Capabilities wise, Boxee is very similar with PopBox. What sets them apart, at first look is the weird box-like shape for the Boxee case (hence the name) and the availability of a mini keyboard-remote control that should facilitate media searching process. As the codec support goes, both boxes claim support for “everything there is”, so we’ll se about that when they two devices are actually launched. PopBox is already available on Amazon for preorder  for the low price of $129. Boxee availability should also be announced sometime this summer.

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